Koller’s Oldtimer

After so many times we passed the oldtimer museum on our way travelling to the bug show in Eggenburg, we decided to visit it on Saturday. We have seen more than 150 exhibits of 130 years of automobile history! Especially fascinating were the cars made in Austria by Puch and Steyr or the self-made sportscar “Angelmar” based on Volkswagen and Porsche 356 parts. Note that only five or six cars of this huge collection are not privately owned by Mr. Koller.

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Motor Nights

…that’s the name of another monthly meeting in the place to meet – the old shipyard in Korneuburg near Vienna, where a crane and brick halls form the background for Old- and Youngtimer of all brands, US-cars, motorbikes and of course vintage VWs. Due to the huge squad of  vehicles I decided to concentrate the pictures on the latter.

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Bug meeting in Eggenburg

In a convoy of six beetles – year of construction from 1963 to 1996 – we hit the road to Eggenburg in Lower Austria. Every year on May 1 there takes place the biggest meeting of air-cooled Volkswagen in Austria. Although it is far from the size of the famous Maikäfertreffen in Hannover where we have been last year, we could also spot some nice rides. Watch out!

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Season opener – First Altblech FNC 2016

Today we celebrated the season start at the parking lot of the SCS. There was held the first of total six monthly meetings during the warmer time of the year hosted by Altblech. With five bugs we enhanced the manageable number of cars in front of the fast food restaurant and had a great time seeing all the familiar faces again.