Bug meeting in Eggenburg

In a convoy of six beetles – year of construction from 1963 to 1996 – we hit the road to Eggenburg in Lower Austria. Every year on May 1 there takes place the biggest meeting of air-cooled Volkswagen in Austria. Although it is far from the size of the famous Maikäfertreffen in Hannover where we have been last year, we could also spot some nice rides. Watch out!

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Season opener – First Altblech FNC 2016

Today we celebrated the season start at the parking lot of the SCS. There was held the first of total six monthly meetings during the warmer time of the year hosted by Altblech. With five bugs we enhanced the manageable number of cars in front of the fast food restaurant and had a great time seeing all the familiar faces again.



The Birthday Buggy

Last weekend we celebrated Christian’s 30th birthday with a very special present. To thank him for his help on various projects of ours, we decided to build him a chassis for a new buggy – something that he had been wanting to do for a long time.

Because this project was already discussed in the past, we know exactly what parts should be used. A 1303 rear axle with semi-trailing arms and a balljoint front axle for the best handling possible for a buggy. The frame was shortened by 39cm to use a body from LEDL – a great austrian kit car producer very popular in the 70ies who is still active today.

To make another wish come true – driving a vw bug chassis – we added an engine, a steering wheel and a beer crate as a seat. Enjoy the pictures below of the celebration, and some of the building process we documented with a book which we gave him first.

Birthday Buggy 08Birthday Buggy 06Birthday Buggy 05Birthday Buggy 04Birthday Buggy 03Birthday Buggy 07

The secret project:

Birthday Buggy 17Birthday Buggy 18Birthday Buggy 15Birthday Buggy 14Birthday Buggy 13Birthday Buggy 16